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To say that I am wicked stoked would be an understatement! I love any opportunity to talk about myself. I’m a bit of an attention whore. Just ask my Hubby Chubby! So here goes…

1. I met my Hubby Chubby back when I was in high school. He was a couple of years older than me, but we use to go to the same parties. Back in the day we got our shit done and then threw done hard and there was a shit-ton of promiscuity. I HATED HIM! Not because he was ever rude to me or anything BUT because he slept with all my close friends. I thought he was a nasty pig. Looking back, he wasn’t any different from all the other guys or girls that we hung out with, myself included! He likes to joke that I didn’t like him because he didn’t give me any attention. I do NOT remember it that way!

2. I once got jumped by 3 big black girls. I was about 19 and we were at “the club”. I went to the bathroom by myself. I had drunk (shhhh don’t tell my mom;) Apparently I didn’t latch the lock all the way so one of the girls opened up the door while I was hovering over the toilet. She was appalled by, my lack of lock savvy. I finished my hovering act while listening to the 3 girls talk mad shit about me. I walked over and washed my hands. This is when a normal person, would have high tailed it the fuck outta the bathroom BUT not me. My momma raised a fool! SO, while I’m washing my hands, they are still talking smack and I turned and told them “to shut the fuck up because I can hear you.” No shit, asshole? They wanted you to hear them! Those three girls jumped on me faster than I could say “Holy Cupcakes Fat-asses!” They bashed my head into the brick wall. I ain’t smart BUT I don’t go down without a fight. GAME ON, BITCHES!!! The bouncers came in and dragged ME out of the club for fighting because they said I appeared to be the aggressor while the three girls that jumped ME stayed at, da club! I can’t lie, I was pretty fucked up BUT I showed them what this girl is made of!

3. I almost got kidnapped in my twenty’s. We were coming from a Halloween Jack ‘N’ Jill. We had a whole group that had dressed up from characters from the Wizard of Oz. I was dressed as Glinda the good witch (ironic, I know) and I had on my wedding dress and the troll was dressed as a munchkin. We started fighting on the way home. I demanded that he pull over and let me out so I could walk home. (We were about a 40 min car ride away!) He wouldn’t pull over so I attempted a tuck and roll out of the moving car. (yes. it was toats a healthy relationship!) There was a white van coming up the road so I flagged it down to for a ride to the police station so I could make a phone call and get the fuck out of the children of the corn environment that I had found myself in. So much for that?!?! It was a man driving the van and a female passenger. The van had the two bucket seats in the front and no other seats. They suggested that I sit on the floor between them. Ok?!? I was crying so the female started rubbing my head to comfort me. BUT then she started rubbing my head really fast  and aggressively and was pulling my hair as she did this (I’m guessing this is about the time her drugs kicked in?!?!) I started realizing shit, these people are fucked up and there is no was they are going to drive me to a police station! We kept driving and I was scared as shit. I couldn’t see where I was going because I was on the floor. I kept repeating that they could just drop me off where we were. They were ignoring me and talking about their “pick up and that they couldn’t pull over because their guy was waiting for them.” Finally we pull up to a house on a dead-end road somewhere that I’ve NEVER been. They demanded that I wait for them. The crackhead female was trying to shut the door on me and keep me in the van. I pushed her out the way and said “I don’t care what you people are going to do, BUT I have to leave.” WRONG ANSWER… They took offense to “you people” and kicked the ever-living shit out of me. The man kicked me so many times that I lost count. I knew that what ever I did, I was fucked so I played dead. I heard the female saying “come on, let’s go get our stuff and finish her when we get back.” I waited until I couldn’t hear them and then ran (at least I tried) and hid in someone’s backyard because I knew with every fiber of my being that if they seen me again, they would kill me, the dogs barked, they seen me and took me in. The end… (yes, looking back I realize that I did many things wrong!)

4. I was in the United States Air Force Reserves. I went to basic training and school at Lackland Air Force Base In San Antonio Texas. I arrived there in July. I DO NOT KNOW HOW YOU TEXANS CAN DEAL WITH THAT HEAT! Y’ALL ARE SOME TOUGH ASS BITCHES!!!!

5. I’m a MASSHOLE and wicked proud of it though, someday I dream of having a winter home in Florida!

6. A very long time ago, I had a crush on this dude. I met him at a bar. He finally asked me on a date. I was excited. He came to pick me up and THEN I REALIZED, HE HAD ON PLEATED JEANS! WTF who does that?!? My friend convinced me to give him another shot. Second date and BAM, PLEATED JEANS! Come on guy?!? You’re killing me! That was the end of that!

7. When I found out that I was pregnant with HUBBY CHUBBY, I kept the pee stick on the toilet for weeks to terrorize him. Every time he went into the bathroom, he seen it and almost fainted! 🙂

8. My favorite nights at home are when Hubby Chubby and I have cheese and crackers for dinner, while watching t.v. and having cocktails.

9. I believe in Karma and I am patiently awaiting her arrival…

10. My favorite date night with Hubby Chubby is when we go to a comedian show. I love to laugh! Laughter is the best medicine and it’s a shame that more people don’t believe in it!

So without further ado, these are the wonderful bloggers that I am nominating; Please check them out and give them some love! They deserve it!


Two weeks ago Hubby Chubby and I went to a benefit ride for a Veteran hospital in the area. This year there was 1200 bikes registered. It’s NO joke! The whole ride is police escorted and highway ramps are shut down with police barricades along with every side street.

We met up with our friend Mike and he introduced us to Jim and about 5 other people that we parked besides in hopes of riding together in the vast sea of bikes. Jim seemed nice enough. We chatted a bit. Hubby Chubby had met him once before, on a ride that I had not gone on. Everyone else was very enjoyable…

Finally it’s time to get helmeted up (Massachusetts) and wait for our line of bikes to pull out. It was an hour ride to the next stop. People were taking photos, video taping, kids and adults alike, were waving to all the bikes. It was dope for an attention whore…

First stop was a bar that appeared to me, to be in the middle of nowhere. It was a 90 degree day so everyone seemed extra thirsty! Vodka and soda waters with lemon, for me. Ya gotta stay hydrated in the heat, ya know! 😉 The small group that we rode with all got drinks then we segregated to get to know each other. I had a good time. There was another woman and she was funny as shit! I was gettin’ my shine on, I can’t lie, and enjoying my day with my Hubby Chubby and NO CHILDREN!

Time to take the last ride to the banquet hall with too much food, bands and you guessed it, drinks. Hubby Chubby and I got some food and sat with everyone. Hubby eats fast. I do not. He was done and I still had a shit ton of food. Jim says to me “you should give your husband the rest of your food.” Say what?!?! Just so we’re all clear here, My Hubby is NOT crippled. He could have walked perfectly fine to the food line for more food IF he had wanted to! He does not even walk with a limp! I laughed because Jim must be joking, right?!?!? After this, he tells me that he’s on his third marriage. Well guy, I’m not a genius BUT, I can probably tell you what goes wrong within your marriages!

We hung out for a while and then everyone but the woman and her husband decided to go to a ‘biker bar’ in another town. It’s close to our home… Walking in, Jim says to me “what are you even doing here, anyways? Shouldn’t you be home in the kitchen and taking care of your kids?” What the fuck?!? Are you kidding me?!?!

Now I am getting pissed the fuck off BUT, I don’t know this guy well enough to know if he is joking or being serious. I want to tell him a thing or two but, I am not one to do it calmly. I am a screamer, ask my kids! I assume that he must be joking because who in their right mind would talk to somebody like this?!!? Also going through my mind was that when and if, I do unleash the fury it ain’t going to be pretty and I didn’t want to upset my friend Mike by making a scene because, I respect him and his friendship.

Everyone decides to go across the street to another bar that is a little more classier. Great… <insert sarcasm and an eye roll> While walking out of the biker bar two lesbians were checking me out HARD. I thought that is was funny because they didn’t hide it at all. They looked me up from head to toe then smiled at me. I was flattered. I smiled and gave them a wave. I’m friendly, ya know?!? While crossing the street I mentioned that guys seem to be a little less obvious about checking out girls. Jim said to me straight-faced, “no one cares about your opinion.”

I sat quietly thinking about how to handle this. I was conflicted because, by not saying anything, I wasn’t being true to myself. It felt terrible not to speak my mind. It was a familiar feeling that I haven’t experienced since 5th grade and I never want to feel that again! I went to the bathroom to have a quick cry because I was so torn and to, try to call my friend Mother Teresa. She would tell me if it was okay for me to unleash the wrath of Classy on this Douch! She wasn’t home, so now what?!? Do I snap or do I try like hell to let it go and continue to feel like a door mat?!?

I wiped my tears away and decided that “nobody puts Baby (Classy) in the corner.” Game time, mother fucker!!! I tried to forewarn Hubby Chubby that, if this Douch made one more comment to me then I was going to lose my shit because he already said three rude comments and that I wasn’t going to tolerate it anymore. I’m not sure, if Jim overheard this or not because he quickly came to Hubby’s side and cut me off and started a conversation with Hubby.

Now. I. Wait. Douch-Nozzle…

Jim says to me “come on over and have a seat next to your Hubby. I want to get to know you.” Then he starts playing this game where he can’t pronounce my name. It was so fake that he must have looked like a complete Asshat to everyone at our table. “I’ll just call you Corey” he says to me. “No you won’t. That’s not my name” I say over and over. He says “well then I’ll call you Cor.” I tell him “no you won’t that’s not my name either.” It really felt like he was trying to poke the bear at this point. Hubby finally says to Jim, “she doesn’t have a nickname, guy.”

I reached my breaking point (Mike if your reading this I’m sorry. I did try to stay calm BUT I also needed to explain that I will not be treated disrespectfully).

I didn’t give Jim much of a chance to talk. When he would get loud and try to cut me off, I got louder. The whole place stopped what they were doing to watch the shit show. The people that we were with, Mike included sat quietly at our tables with their mouths agape with a hint of entertainment in their eyes.

This is pretty much the jest of what was said with far less f-bombs. I said “don’t call me anything. Your not my friend, I don’t want you calling me by name. I don’t even want you to talk to me. When you see me, do not even acknowledge me. You are not a nice person. I wanted to like you But I can’t. You have made it very clear that you don’t like women. I’m really fucking struggling to try to stay calm because I want to snap.” I repeated all the comments that he had made to me. He tried to tell me that he didn’t say these comments. Hubby Chubby nicely, reminded him that yes, he indeed had. I continued with “I’m sure that I will see you again on bike rides and I will drop this and won’t bring it up again BUT do not EVER disrespect me again because next time I’m not going to be so fucking pleasant.”

On that note, we all walked across the street to our bikes. I apologized to the other guys and to Mike for making a scene. They ALL reassured me that it’s been a long time coming for Jim. What can I say Jim?!? You fucked with the wrong Bitch this time and if you are smart, you won’t do it again because next time, I promise you I will not be so slow to unleash the fury of Classy on your Douchbag Ass!

We may be going on a bike ride to Laconia (Laconia bike week 2013 in NH) for a day trip this weekend, with Mike and Jim and some other people, weather permitting. Please say a prayer for Jim. He may need it!

Ain’t nobody got time for male-chauvinistic Bag of Blistered Dicks!


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I have always been self-conscious  about my weight, without reason. In middle school my friend and I would count calories and we had a membership at a local gym. In high school not only did I exercise but on several occasions I remember taking laxatives to help get rid of a few pounds before a “special occasion”. There have been many times throughout my life that I did not eat for several days in hopes of a few lost pounds. I would pride myself if I made it to, day 4 without food. I look back and it sickens me that I started obsessing about my weight and my body at such a young age. The thought about, what I could have potentiality done to my body is horrifying to say the least. With that being said, I am also grateful that it didn’t get much worse but I also worry because once you have this mind-set, it is hard to get rid of it completely. It is extremely difficult for me not to obsess about my weight because it seems to be where I get my self-confidence from or where I get my lack of self-confidence from. I tell you this so that, you may understand how I felt when shit got real!

The start of the shit storm…

On October 15 of 2012 I went to the Doctor for my yearly wellness visit. She felt, squeezed and pressed on my neck like they do and she thought that it seemed very large and swollen.  She explained to me that what she was feeling were called thyroid nodules. She then proceeded to tell me that they may be cancerous. She then went on to tell me things about measuring them, biopsies,  surgery, etc… It was about this point that I escaped into my head. I felt dizzy with fear of the future and the unknown. The doctor scheduled me an appointment for an ultrasound, herself.

3 days later, I was lying on a table and the technician squirted the cold gel upon my throat, and started moving the instrument around every which way, while hitting buttons on her computer. I tried to think happy thoughts but, I kept coming back to dying and leaving my children, hubby and mom. I was trying like hell to stay positive because I didn’t even know anything yet, but the tears started flowing. The woman handed me a tissue.

My Doctor called the next morning. She spoke in a soft and comforting tone that scared the shit right out of me. I knew instantly from her tone that it was not good. She told me that they found 4 nodules and that 2 of them were very large and would need to be taken out. She also, told me that they would have to make sure that they were not cancerous and I needed to go to an Endocrinologist ASAP. My Doctor called herself to make me an appointment because she wanted me in as soon as possible. She called back to tell me my appointment was scheduled for November 9th.

I thought that I was dying. I was scared. I was depressed that I was leaving this earth before I was ready to. I didn’t want to leave my children without a mother. I didn’t want to leave my hubby but if I had to, I sure as shit, was planning on haunting the next woman. I didn’t want to leave my mom. I wasn’t sure that she knew how much I loved her. My very worst thought was that my children would be split up. Sure they would see each other from time to time but 11 and 12 would go and live with their father and 3 would live with his. Also of a very big concern was that 11 and 12 were going to be raised solely by an immature, conceited man who wants to be their friend and not a father. What would happen to them? The thought that 3, would be devastated without seeing his brothers that he absolutely adores broke my heart. I could go on and on about the thoughts that I was having and the fear but I think that you get the point.

November 9th came and I got a call from the endocrinologist to reschedule the appointment. “ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME”?!?! They couldn’t give me another appointment for another month. That would mean another month of NOT knowing what was going on with my body and another month of terrifying myself with morbid thoughts! I told the receptionist that I would find a new endocrinologist to go to, in a rather annoyed tone. She tried to tell me that I would never get in anywhere before a month’s time so it didn’t make any sense. I replied with “I’ll take my chances then”!

I got a new appointment at a better hospital for November 19th. I went that day and swallowed a radioactive iodine capsule for a thyroid uptake scheduled for the  following morning. It was a little intimidating, to say the least. The technician took the capsule out of a very thick enclosed glass chamber with plastic gloves on and wearing a mask. “AND YOU WANT ME TO SWALLOW THAT”?!?! He told me that it wasn’t a high enough level of radioactive iodine to be concerned about and that I could still be around my children. WTF?!?! I don’t know about you but, ingesting radioactive anything doesn’t sound great!

The following morning the hubby and I arrived for my appointment that seemed to take for ever to get here. Finally we would receive some answers!!! 2 technicians and 3 Doctors were present for the uptake scan. Maybe having so many Doctors for a scan is normal practice but it was SCARY AS FUCK and I was convinced that I was dying!!! The scan took about 45 minutes. I had to lie still on the table while they moved a large gamma camera  above my throat with my head jacked back uncomfortably, scanning every angle. All I could think of during the appointment was that, I wanted vodka and a lot of it! When it was done they looked over the scans and decided that they had everything that they needed.

The 3 Doctors looked at the scans, while me and hubby sat numbly, waiting for their response. Finally, they proudly exclaimed that the nodules were not as big, as once was thought. They didn’t think that I had a reason for concern but did schedule me an appointment at the thyroid clinic for further testing and blood work because something was causing these nodules but it wasn’t cancer, so that was a plus. “I’m going to live, now get me some vodka”!!!

I gave blood before my first appointment at the thyroid clinic scheduled for December 3rd. It turns out that I have an autoimmune disease that affects the thyroid, called Graves disease. Graves disease is a disorder that results in the overproduction of thyroid hormones (hyperthyroidism) that comes with symptoms such as heart palpitations, hair loss, sleep disturbances, tremors, sweating and hot flashes, fatigue, irritability, anxiety, etc. Some people lose a shit ton of weight but unfortunately, I didn’t. I maintained my normal weight which was okay. Everyone is different. It is rarely life threatening but if left untreated a person could suffer from a thyroid storm and that could potentially be fatal.  It requires giving a lot of blood and testing “levels of antibodies and thyroid hormones”. At first I had to give blood every two weeks but now I’m on the-every 3 month schedule. Sometimes I have symptoms and sometimes I don’t, depending on my levels.

I was given three options. 1. Try medication to maintain levels and try to go into remission. 2. Surgery, i.e removal of my thyroid and then be on medication for the rest of my life because a person can not live without thyroid hormones. 3. Radioactive Iodine Therapy is where you take a radioactive capsule that kills the thyroid and you can not be near people or pets for many days because you are radioactive. Then you have to be on medication for the rest of your life because again, you can’t live without thyroid hormones. I chose option 1. I don’t know what the future will hold for me but I will tell you with certainty I will not do the radioactive Iodine Therapy, EVER.

The thing that I really want you to know is that I was doing really great on 10MG of medication. I was at an ideal weight, eating healthy foods that I’ve always eaten and I was feeling well enough  to work out again. The Doctor dropped me down to 5MG of medication because my “levels got slightly better”. I GAINED 12 POUNDS IN TWO WEEKS!!! Not because I was eating any differently but because the medication made me go hypothyroid. So next time that you are at the supermarket, instead of judging chunky girls and looking in their shopping carts (like we all do), thinking to yourself she must eat like a fat ass, stop and think that maybe it’s NOT her fault! Maybe she is heavier than she would like to be and perhaps it has nothing to do with the food that she ingests or a lack of exercise!

I love my family to pieces but unlike some, I have the ability to see the good and the bad in each of them. I am not the kind of person to wear rose-colored glasses. I prefer to see the world and people as they are. The good, the bad and the ugly… I do not love my family any less because of undesirable qualities. Being able to see your children’s flaws just makes it easier to know the areas that need work. It is okay to admit that your children have flaws. Everyone, has flaws…

Let me introduce you to, Clash With A Side Of ADHD


The early years…

Clash With A Side Of ADHD is my second born. He is eleven. He is 12 months younger than his brother.  I loved him before I ever met him like most mothers do. It was a stressful pregnancy to say the least, but it ended with a full term and perfect baby. He came into this world looking like an old man and had an aura of wisdom about him. He was a great baby. He loved to sleep, eat and be held. He never cried. That is, until he was five-months-old when, all he did was cry. He didn’t want to sleep anymore either. Looking back, every memory I have of Clash when he was small is of him crying wherever we were.

If I said that this was a happy time for us, I would be lying. I felt guilty because I wasn’t happy when I believed I should be. I had postpartum depression and sleep deprivation. Funny how people don’t tell you their horrid stories of newborns, huh?!? I always feared that I didn’t hold Clash enough or that, there just wasn’t enough attention given. As a mother it’s hard not to carry guilt with you, when you see troubling signs. I have cried myself to sleep many a nights with, what ifs.

Clash was ALWAYS a cuddle bug. He always wanted to be close to someone and between you and me, he still likes to be close to his momma. He has ALWAYS been overly sensitive ever since I can remember and still is. Sometimes I have to remind myself that it’s not a bad thing and that it’s actually great for him to feel! He has a huge heart and loves his family and friends deeply.

Clash With A Side Of ADHD was in daycare early on. They loved him and I do NOT have any doubt, that they took good care of him when his father and I were working. At around two-years-old he started being aggressive with other children in daycare. It started to seem that everyday his daily progress forms were becoming more and more worrisome. I spoke with the teachers, pediatrician and friends looking for comfort that this was normal behavior for a two-year-old. They all reassured me that it was.

When Clash turned three he moved to preschool. (I guess, I should say preschools). He was having a very hard time. It was a different school with different teachers and peers. I would drop off his brother in a nearby room then go into Clash’s room. He would cry instantly. The memory of this breaks my heart to this very day. I had no choice… I had to work… The teachers would have to pry him off my leg and I would “escape” quickly so that he could “get over it” and “get on with his day”. The teachers would then lead him to the window to wave a final goodbye, to me. Sometimes this helped and sometimes it didn’t. On days that it didn’t help, they would bring Clash over to his big brother’s classroom to see a familiar face.  They would let him play with his brother until he settled down.

I believed that once he adjusted to the new preschool the transition would become easier for Clash and I wouldn’t drive to work sobbing anymore. That never happened… In fact, drop offs NEVER changed and all transitions throughout the day started to effect Clash With A Side Of ADHD. He could NOT follow the classroom rules. Clash could NOT sit for story-time. He was a climber and was in trouble daily for climbing on furniture. He was also having a hard time playing nicely with others.

He had one great teacher who loved him and worked very hard with him. When she wasn’t there (which was a lot) Clash struggled more, without a doubt. I’m still not sure why. Was it because she gave him more attention or was it because the other teachers didn’t give him attention?!? I’ll never know this…. What I do know is that, I started getting phone calls at work from the Director of the school saying that, I had to pick up my Three-year-old for “bad behavior”. It started to happen very often.

One day I was driving back from a job and I was stuck in bumper to bumper traffic on the highway. The director called me frantically to pick up Clash With A Side Of ADHD for yet again, “bad behavior”. She sounded very upset. She told me that “he was being kept in her office because he was out of sorts that day and that they couldn’t control him”. She then explained that he “demolished” her office. She went on to tell me “Clash broke her snow globes that she had collected for years.” He threw things and pretty much tore the shit out of her office. Looking back, I never did see the office but I should have demanded to. I could NOT fathom then nor now, how anyone would let a three-year-old do this! Whether “out of sorts” or not! I was beyond concerned for Clash, his behavior, his safety, and this preschool!

This was the last straw not only for me but for the school. I felt that they had put my child in danger. What if he had cut himself on all the glass that was supposedly everywhere? The director said she didn’t want him back at the school. That was fine with me because I felt that, they couldn’t keep my child safe. I didn’t know what I  was going to do because now, not only did I have to find a new preschool for Clash but I also had to find one with an opening for his brother as well. To say that I flew off the handle would be an understatement.Looking back all these years later, I can’t believe that Bitch of a Director didn’t call the police on me.

I wish that I had been a better advocate for my child! I wish that I had not been so naive! I wish I had done so many things differently!

A friend of mine watched the boys for a short time, until I could get them into a new preschool. Finally I got a call that there was an opening for Clash and for his brother! I met with the director and the teacher of Clash’s age group. I explained EVERYTHING that had taken place, between tears. I was honest about Clash With A Side Of ADHD’S  behavior and my fears. I explained that I didn’t know if something was wrong with him and that I just wanted him to be okay. They reassured me that it would be different at this preschool. Much to my liking, it was different… Very different…

Clash With A Side Of ADHD was thriving at this new school. Drop offs were no longer a problem, in fact, they were tear-free and he smiled! The very best feeling was to hear his contagious giggle when he would run off to play with his friends! He looked forward to going to school everyday! Clash was able to sit for story time and letter time, etc… He was able to follow the classroom rules without issues. The teachers enjoyed my child!!!

Maybe there wasn’t anything different about Clash With A Side Of ADHD?????????????? Stay tuned for part two….

I love my family to pieces but unlike some, I have the ability to see the good and the bad in each of them. I am not the kind of person to wear rose-colored glasses. I prefer to see the world and people as they are. The good, the bad and the ugly… I do not love my family any less because of undesirable qualities. Being able to see your children’s flaws just makes it easier to know the areas that need work. It is okay to admit that your children have flaws. Everyone, has flaws…

Let me introduce you to; Content With A Side Of Aggression


To say that, Content With A Side Of Aggression, is the apple of my eye would be an understatement. I wouldn’t say that he’s my favorite because parents are not supposed to say that. I will say however, that Content With A Side and myself have a close relationship. He is twelve. He was my first-born and if his birth order had anything to do with our bond or not, I have no idea. All I know is that he is my buddy and he makes me proud.

He has learning disabilities that make school difficult for him. He has always seen that school came easier to others than it did to him but, he has never complained. he just trucks along and does his best. He stays after school 3 times a week for extra help and still no complaints. When it comes to homework, he does it when it’s time.

I always worried that he would have a hard time making friends because of his learning disabilities. I worried that kids would make fun of him and shy away from him but that hasn’t been the case. I was also worried because Content with a Side, is like me and it takes him awhile to warm up to people. He is shy at first and sometimes comes across as being a little awkward. I am happy to say that all these years, I worried for nothing! His classmates don’t seem to care how he does in school, as I always feared!

Content With A Side, is the kid that wants to be around others. If I go for a ride, he wants to come. If we are outside doing yard-work, he’s outside helping us without being asked. He enjoys spending time with his family and friends. Content With A Side, is such a great big brother to the 3-year-old. They are inseparable when he’s home. Their relationship brings a tear to my eye and makes me so proud.

If something is bothering Content With A Side Of Aggression, he will NOT talk about it. It doesn’t matter what I say or how much time I give him. It scares the hell out me how he will completely shut-down. It worries me as a mother because we all know, it’s not good to keep your feelings bottled up. I worry now, and I worry for the future when he is a grown man. I feel that if he doesn’t learn to communicate negative feelings he’s not going to be a functioning teenager or adult.

When something is bothering Content With A Side Of Aggression, he has been known to become violent. It doesn’t happen all that often but, it does happen! His personality and character do a 180. I have seen him punch a wall. He has kicked me on one occasion and he has pushed me on several. At this point, he still fears me and consequences. I worry about the day that he doesn’t have any fear for me, left!!!